Running Slowly



I was wandering about in the palace of thought,
Gazing through the confusion of my mind.
I’ve been told that life is a race
But sometimes I wonder if we get to run it on tracks
Or it’s just a marathon, free race

With the way I’ve perceived life,
And the sweet-bitter aromas I’ve smelt,
I don’t think life’s race is on tracks.
For me, in the pavilion of my mind,
Life is a race but not on tracks

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Listening……I can hear the canaries


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Hey, sit down
You’ve been seeing much around town
Calm down now your nerves
Let them not get wrongly swerved
Can you hear it?
It’s the clock ticking
Ticking away all your worries and easing,
Easing you into a bliss welcoming

Can you see it,
Though it’s lit?
With its fading silver lining.
The sky is not always dark even in the dark
There’s always a light lining it’s lark
Look up
It’s there for you to wonder
And triumph even as you ponder.

Listen now
Can you hear the cricket chirping?
Saying that life exists,
Outside the honking of traffic down the street.
Can you hear the gecko clicking?
With its ‘we all come back to nature’ sound
And it’s true
Nature covers all.

I’m listening…..
The church bell is ringing now
Ringing new day and ways
To my weary ears and heart.

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Just this Afternoon


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My little cousin(Jay) just 4 year old has been around for a while, after serving him lunch this afternoon, I asked him to give me from his food, but he refused. Then the following conversation ensued:

Me: Jay give me your food
Jay: N0!
Me: I will not give you food tonight
Jay: (runs to his mum) mum Tolu said she will not give me food Tonight
Mum: don’t mind her, I will give you food
Jay:(returns to the kitchen) my mum will give me foooooood!


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Your Hero?

While the world keep searching for more heroes

And you’re waiting to find the compatible,

Why not stand up and be your hero?